The aroma of roasting coffee bean being tossed side to side engulfs a bystander who politely knocked on our door and asked “whatever that is, I want it.” After sharing the coffee, as is Ethiopian tradition, we in return had to explain the “how” of Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonial.

Here is a short version of how Ethiopian coffee is made. Generously spread grass and flowers on the ground. Fire-up the charcoal. Pour green coffee beans on woke-like pan and place the pan on hot coal. Keep stirring coffee beans until roasted to desired roast color (usually medium brown). Pour roasted bean into Mukecha (mortar) and grind well with Zenezena (pestle). Pour water into Jebena (coffee pot) followed by ground coffee. Once ready enjoy the true magic of Ethiopian Coffee.

At T&T Lifestyle we are determined to elevate your morning coffee rush into a celebratory Experience to welcome the day. Stay tuned via social media because your experience will have stories to tell.